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A basic note-taking application with a simple design.


A simple to-do app.

Fill Mask

A frontent made in gradio for Fill-Mask.

Visual Question Answering

A frontent made in gradio for VQA.

Cât s-a furat din pădurile României?

Această numărătoare arată numărul de metri cubi de lemne furate în România până acum, "în timp real".

Codul din view-source este sub licență MIT cu Copyright 2023 window-ops.

How old is infinite growth capitalism?

Calculates how old is infinite growth capitalism and other stats related to this economic system.

MZ România

Un site pentru Mișcarea Zeitgeist, subunitatea românească.

Unravelling the Fabric of Fear

A port of an open collaborative free publication by Cathartic Curiosity.

The island experiment

An experiment where there is actually more money owed than exists in the whole system.


A list of posts.

English Dictionary

A quick and simple english dictionary.

W7 Calculator

A Windows 7-styled calculator. This fast-loading calculator is good for quick calculations, but please note that it does not currently support scientific mode.

Scan Reports

A list of scan reports for certain fictional exoplanets.

Ultra-Processed Food Generator

Generate the usual UPF you would find at the supermarket.


Simulation of the installation process of NLConsole, the operating system designed for the Automatic World Management Module (a global AI system that manages Earth's resources efficiently and equitably)

Phone Labeling Game

A game where you label randomly generated phones. Please note that the game is not realistic.